Naked Juice Ads

Project completed on June 10, 2011.

Update: I just found out Naked Juice themselves had a look at my ads via my post on Twitter and liked them. Take a look at their tweet-reply!

These were created for my Advanced Broadcast Graphics class. Our instructor assigned a 30 second project and we were able to break that up however we wished (ie, one 30 second spot, two 15's, three 10's, etc). I chose to do two 15 second spots for Naked Juice, keeping the style consistent between them while highlighting two different flavors of their juice: "Red Machine" and "Açai Machine."

I asked my good friends Zach Trappen and Sarah Forbes to dance/act for the two spots. They both found it incredibly awkward to dance in front of the green screen at camera, but I think they both did a great job; their acting was exactly what I was looking for in order to proceed with my original concept.

The green screen footage was shot with a Canon 5D, one of my favorite cameras for both still photography and it's stunning HD video. The 3D fruit models I purchased from a stock 3D site as to not reinvent the wheel, letting me focus on the style and texturing of my piece. As most of the models did not come textured for Maya, however, I took care of that myself, which I enjoy. The ending scene features a simple rigid body dynamic effect to achieve the subtle bounce.