Fluent Technologies, Inc.

Project completed on June 30, 2014.

Fluent Technologies, Inc.
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This was a website produced for a client who decided to start his own printer business in the Denver, CO area. He contracted and hired me to design the website, with basic requirements at the onset.

  • Needed to be a Wordpress theme in order to make the site easy to update once the project was completed.
  • The site needed to be responsive. Pretty much a given these days.
  • The website needed to be structured and organized in such a way to be search-engine friendly, making SEO a breeze.

After our initial consultation, the client had a designer friend create wireframes of the various pages which I used as a guide to create the page layouts.

One of the more technically challenging aspects of the site was the products page. This page needed to list all equipment that was to be sold by Fluent Technologies, and a user needed to be able to easily sort and narrow down their options using the panel on the left, as seen below.

Fluent Products Page

I decided the best way to do this, without clunky AJAX calls or page reloads, would be to embed the properties of each printer on it's DOM element via the use of data-attributes. I then wrote and tied javascript to the form elements to show and hide only the appropriate printer models based on the user's selections.

In order to allow a user to view more information about a particular printer model without leaving the page (and losing their filters/selections), each product module links to a lightbox/modal window of that particular product. This is done by using an AJAX call to that particular printer's "single" page, with a URL parameter that tells the AJAX call to strip out all unnecessary data from view. The result is a user loading the information about only printers they want to look at without over-taxing the server.

Fluent Technologies Product Overview