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Project completed on August 17, 2016.

Code42 Conference Site
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This project was born of necessity. Being locked into a CMS that was less than ideal, content editors found it cumbersome and difficult to make relatively simple updates to the site. As the conference date rolled closer, this was simply not acceptable.

Having had success demonstrating WordPress’ flexibility and power to the Marketing team while working on the Definitive Guide to Endpoint Backup website, I suggested moving the microsite over to WordPress. A potentially risky move with the event happening a little over a month away, but considering content editors weren’t able to make the changes they needed to make as it stood, it didn’t take much convincing.

The site was originally developed by another developer on my team as a static site using Middleman, so I had all the front end assets I needed to set it up as a WordPress site. The bulk of the work on this conversion came in the form of setting up the data models and input fields on the backend / admin section of the site, and adding the logic to sort through this data into the theme’s PHP files. Using Advanced Custom Fields Pro, my favorite tool for WordPress, creating a great input experience for the content editors was a breeze.

And it would seem they would agree. The conference event coordinator provided the following feedback which I greatly appreciated.

I said we have a problem and they solved it! This was a massive task to take on and I am so grateful they did – because it has already saved me 50+ hours of time (and counting) in edits that [our former CMS] would not have been able to handle. This team knows how to make the process look so smooth and they were fantastic to work with!

It goes without saying, but I couldn’t have undertook this project without the immense support and coordination by the rest of my team, either. Our Website Strategy Manager and Business Manager were crucial to the planning and balancing of other priorities in order for me to work on this migration.