A Syfy Christmas

Project completed on December 12, 2010.

For our final project in my Intermediate Broadcast Graphics class, we had to create a station bumper—a short animation that is seen on network TV stations between commercials and after shows are over. We had to create a unique 10 second animation, and the whole class was assigned the Syfy channel. Seeing as it's around the holidays, I decided I would base my inspiration off of that.

The audio was edited together with a handful of miscellaneous royalty-free clips that I had gathered. The colors of the piece were inspired by the color palette of the Syfy website, which were, as you will see, purple and grey.

I enjoyed this project because loving Christmas myself, I've been wanting to create a Christmas themed motion graphics piece for a few years now, and here now I was finally able to. I'd like to create something holiday-themed like this every year.