About Me

I'm a simple, fun-loving guy, working as a Front End Developer in Minneapolis, MN. My favorite platform to develop for is WordPress – I love showing people how it's not just a blogging platform anymore, and how it can (easily) be transformed to fit most any project.

My work ethic revolves around the idea that nothing is impossible. When venturing into unknown territory, I try to never say, "No, that's not possible," but rather, "let me learn how to do that."

I started my career as a motion graphics artist, but over time made the transition back to web development – something I'd been passionate about and interested in since I was a wee lad.

In my spare time, I love to explore my growing list of (too many) hobbies. Recently I've gotten into woodworking and laser crafts and am completely addicted.

Looking to connect? Feel free to drop me a line.